Content management for the Post-PC era

Stop managing content with tools from the 90's

It’s time to your CMS

Designed from the ground up for modern Mobile and Web app content management, and scalable and ready for any new form factor and delivery channel that emerges – Remarkable is re-writing the content management experience – one app at a time.

Remarkable is not a ‘CMS’. We like to call it the world’s first ‘AXM’ system – that’s App Experience Management.

Supercharge your apps

Remarkable definition files means precise mapping of content to your app and super-fast setup of any type of JSON feeds. Best of all, Editors can manage content within the parameters you set, with no content surprises.

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Designed for mobile

Developed specifically for the requirements of Mobile apps and emerging devices, Remarkable shatters the “page-based” content paradigm – providing a modular and flexible platform for delivering live content to apps, wearable devices, connected TVs, and beyond.

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A beautiful experience

From images and video to live feeds and complex structured data, Remarkable makes managing content fun again - with a gorgeous and simple interface designed to radically enhance an Editor’s creativity.

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Remarkable for Editors & Creatives

Update, refresh, and fully manage the content in your native app without touching a line of code

Tweak your copy, images, video and app assets remotely with no app re-submission

Test and re-test your content across every platform without bugging your developers

Push time-sensitive content updates to your app immediately when they happen

Take control of your mobile or web app with ZERO technical expertise required

Remarkable for Developers

Allow content editors and your clients to easily update their
own content

Quickly design and prepare layout-specific feeds that map precisely to your app

Concentrate on coding functionality, without worrying about making repeated changes to the content of an app

Editors are restricted to providing data in pre-agreed formats - meaning no nasty surprises when trying to load content into the app

Concentrate on building the app, without thinking about hosting, bandwidth or uptime

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