Remarkable Pricing

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$399 per Month

Companies and multiple platforms

  • Remarkable Users: 5

  • App Credits: 4

  • Storage: 1 TB

  • Priority Email Support

  • Unified Dashboard


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Fully custom Remarkable experience

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited App Credits

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Enterprise Grade SLA

  • Advanced Analytics

What are App Credits?

With Remarkable App Credits you can create new app endpoints, and the number of included App Credits you have depends upon the plan that you are signed up for. Each time you create an app for one platform you expend one App Credit, and each additional platform or app also expends one App Credit.

For example, a single app targetted for iOS and Android would require 2 App Credits. Or you could have 3 iOS-only apps for 3 App Credits.

Additional App Credits can be purchased if you are on the Professional Plan or higher.

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