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Modern Content. Managed.

Remarkable was designed to totally re-imagine the mobile content management experience for creative teams and content owners. Developed to deliver radical simplicity – while moving at the speed of modern content - we’ve packed it with a ton of features you would expect. Along with several innovations that may surprise you.

Preview as you manage

With Remarkable Non-Technical Editors can preview their changes and updates as they happen using our advanced multi-device previewing system – ensuring each update is absolutely perfect before pushing it out to customers.

Unique developer tools

Remarkable definition files means precise mapping of content to your app and super-fast setup of any type of JSON feeds. Best of all, Editors can manage content within the parameters you set, with no content surprises.

Revolutionary feed control

And it’s not all manual. Remarkable’s unique feed management facility allows Editors to easily integrate, structure, and manage any dynamic feed format including enterprise-grade news wire APIs and sources within any page or app.

Integration is a breeze

Best of all, our native SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Javascript make it dead simple to integrate Remarkable into any section of a new or existing Mobile or Web app – turning a static app into a live, fully reactive content experience.

Blazing fast content delivery

Remarkable delivers content changes only when required, meaning users are never stuck waiting for an update. And with our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) – updates are lightening fast.

Happy and secure

Leave the servers and infrastructure headaches to us. Remarkable is totally cloud-based, built for infinite scalability, and designed to provide maximum data security and reliability.

Analytics Galore

It’s not enough to simply control your content – you need to master it. Remarkable’s advanced analytics engine and dashboard provides up-to-the minute stats and performance on every piece of content on every page of your app.

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